Lately, rumors have been circulating around the internet that Drake's song "Energy" featured a sample of a pivotal scene from the classic show, The O.C., though there is now some serious doubt about it. As the site WhoSampled pointed out, the eight-second mark of "Energy" and on sounds very, very similar to a four-note pattern from the scene when Marissa shot Trey on the show. And don't try and act cool like you don't remember that scene, because we all do.

While the scene and the sections of the song do sound similar, Boi-1da​, who produced the song, actually said in a recent interview with Noisey that he didn't use any sample on that song. "That's literally me on the piano, that's not even a sample," he said. "I don't even know who came up with that. I don't watch The O.C.. I heard it's a good show but I didn’t sample anything. It's basically a simple progression on the piano."

Well, that basically settles that, but honestly, the streets still need to know if Drake is a fan of the show