2 Chainz continues to put his Dabbin Santa proceeds to good use with the rapper donating a house to a family of 11. The five bedroom, three bath home comes as an upgrade to their previous two bedroom space that was infested with mold and pests.

The rapper and his TRU Foundation found out about the family through a GoFundMe page that was set up by Progression Church in Atlanta. The family was going to be evicted until Progression Church stepped in to help, and now because of 2 Chainz's generosity, they will live bill-free for a year as they work to get back up on their feet. "I'm looking forward to seeing their smiles," Chainz says. "I'm looking forward to the kids growing up knowing that Uncle 2 Chainz came through."

In the past, the rapper has helped a disabled veteran and single mother by offering to pay her rent for an entire year, as well as gave a mini-van to a family with a disabled child. Salute to 2 Chainz, one the most generous rappers in the game. Watch the heartwarming moment above. You can catch 2 Chainz on tour this month.