Disclosure has been teasing their new album Caracal all summer with a string of releases including tracks "Holding On," "Moving Mountains," "Omen" and "Willing & Able." With an enviable list of collaborators that would make any modern-day music lover drool (including Lorde, The Weeknd, Miguel, Sam Smith and more), the Lawrence brothers are prime to dominate our ears and our radios this fall when they unleash the new album later this month. With only two weeks until the release, the duo offers another taste of the album with their newest track "Hourglass." Featuring the vocal stylings of Lion Babe, the song's throbbing bassline and strobe-light synths pick up exactly where their previous cuts left off in a head-rushing fit of the soulful electronics they execute so well. 

“It’s one of my favorite songs," Guy told Spin. "In our head I think it was going to be a blend between a more poppy song that we had done like ‘Voices’ but kind of darker, mixed with a more clubby song like ‘Apollo.’ It literally is those two things. You’ve got the girl chorus and then it comes in with this big bass and it’s exactly how it turned out. The song’s basically about getting old and being ok about it, just accepting age and not being afraid of it.” Listen to "Hourglass" above and pre-order Caracal out September 25.