Producer: L.A. Posse, LL Cool J
Album: Bigger and Deffer
Label: Def Jam

Forget "I Need Love"—"I'm Bad" steals the show before Bigger and Deffer leaves the gate. A slow Shaft-like introduction leads the listener to believe the song will split into double time when it kicks in, but it flips those expectations. LL does his best teen wolf scream and the song explodes into a halftime killer. Herein lies the definition of riding the beat. That obese bassline just keeps going up and down a set of imaginary stairs as LL flies over them doing acrobatics off every step. The last couplet is the grand finale, a spectacular little run that rivals Kool Keith for surrealist banter: "My vocals exact like rack and pinion in a Jag / You try to brag, you get your rhymes from a grab-bag / No good scavenger, catfish vulture / My tongue's a chisel in this composition sculpture, I'm bad!" —Sam Sweet