Producer: Boogie Down Productions
Album: By All Means Necessary
Label: Jive

"Funky, funky, funky, funky, funky hit records / No more than four minutes and some seconds." A song so heavy that the young Dr. Dre would repossess it two years later for the Above the Law's formative L.A. classic "Murder Rap," "My Philosophy" was an indication that By Any Means Necessary would be as dense as Criminal Minded was skeletal. That assumption was only half-right. By Any Means still boasted "T'Cha – T'Cha" and "Part Time Suckers," which harked to the bare steel of "South Bronx." Meanwhile, "My Philosophy" felt like KRS-One's true future. Like the great free-jazz masters of the 1960s, the song is both furious and limber. The music is the ideal setup for Kris's rhymes, which bridge the unapologetic bluntness of his early gangster tales to the unapologetic bluntness of his politically motivated pedagogy. —Sam Sweet