Producer: J.B. Weaver, Jr.
Album: Schoolly D
Label: Schoolly D

Some folks are impressed by MCs who hit the recording booth without a single line written down and spit an entire track. That's great, but Schoolly D was on a whole different plane back in 1985, recording his entire debut album by playing the TR-909 drum machine live while he freestyled his rhymes with his DJ, Code Money, providing scratches for extra flavor.

"P.S.K." was pure, unadulterated B-Boy music that spoke to an aspect of Philly street life never before addressed on wax. The everlasting bass drum and relentless hi-hats make for the kind of loud, aggressive beats that your mom and your girlfriend will hate. This is music built for your headphones AND your car—a true timeless classic. Biggie loved it so much he reused the beat—and basically covered the whole song, changing only a few letters—on a Life After Death interlude.