Producer: Beats By the Pound
Album: True
Label: No Limit, Priority

The Beats by the Pound production crew became synonymous with "assembly line" production, lumped together with pen and pixel cover art, colored plastic, and Miller brothers guest verses as a part of what made No Limit’s reign so distinct. KLC is likely the most notable Beats by the Pound producer, and had no small role in forming the core group of artists that would become the No Limit empire. Not only did he produce the underground anthem “Down for my Niggas” for C-Murder, and the ultimate No Limit pop moment with “Make Em Say Uhh,” he was also responsible for Master P’s first true crossover, and one of the greatest hip-hop beats of all time: “Bout It Bout It,” a track that seethes and undulates like the fearsome, grime-textured beat has a life of its own. The production was so good, KLC would go back to the well two more times, remaking the track for Master P’s Ice Cream Man and again for the Diplomats in 2003.