Another famous rap beef he had was with the Lox. At the end of "I Run New York," a response to Jada's diss record "Checkmate," 50 went on yet another rant threatening to buy Jada's publishing, saying:

"Hey, get Puffy on the phone! Tell him I said, tell that nigga Puffy I said, 'Get out the mirror for a second let me talk to him.' Puffy own the nigga motherfuckin publishing! Tell him I wanna buy the nigga Jadakiss publishing! Nigga still ain't recoup! Awww nigga you in the red, you owe money, nigga! Awww man! Now why you made me put your business in the streets!"

50 Cent is mean. But he's funny, and he's good for the sport. We love you 50. Please don't snatch my chain. My grandmama gave me this chain.