Where would the world be without YouTube? Well, there definitely wouldn't be as many struggle-rapper videos, but then again we wouldn't have Justin Bieber—but we also wouldn't have Karmin.... You get the point. YouTube's launched some of music's biggest popstars of the last decade into existence, and allowed us to search virtually any video, TV show, clip, movie trailer—anything. At all. Ever.

And like everything else on the Internet, YouTube is 24/7, on-demand. We don't have to sit around waiting for MTV or the Box to play our favorite rap video. We can watch it any time we want. Complain all you want about the artists that YouTube has made famous, but think of all of the amazing music videos, trailers, and #deepcuts we can find on the site. Without YouTube, we would all be lost—and who doesn't like watching re-runs of their favorite rap video from 1994 online? Sure, it's blurry as hell, but at least it's there, and there to give us a window into how much better we have it than ever before.