"Get your tape decks ready!"—a phrase you rarely hear in 2015, because nobody uses tapes to record live radio broadcasts anymore. Back in the day, fans would sit by their stereo, waiting for the DJ to play their new favorite Snoop Doggy Dogg or Method Man song, trying to hit record as the song started. Old heads make it seem like it was worth suffering for a song that was great, but, for real? Suffering kinda sucks.

What if they were just about to play the song, and you had to go to the bathroom? What if your tape deck wasn't set properly and you ended up recording over another song? What if the the DJ was talking over the beginning of the song, your favorite part? Well, too bad. You're shit out of luck.

Nowadays fans log on to sites like Complex, 2DopeBoyz, or the artist's personal site to hear Drake's latest single whenever they feel like. As fans, we all ultimately crave a high-quality, explicit version of a song that begins and ends when it's supposed to, not when a totalitarian radio DJ decides it should. Waiting by the radio is the type of shit you do when you don't have a job or anything worth doing besides...sitting and waiting to tape off the radio. And hey, if you miss sitting recording off the radio so much, why don't you buy a tape deck and try it again some time? Oh, yeah: You've got better things to do.