Homophobia's still a big problem in hip-hop, and rap still tends to treat most women horribly, but you have to give the genre some credit: Rap is more progressive now than it's ever been before. Back in the '90s even “conscious rappers” who were ostensibly “enlightened” (see: Sadat X) were threatening to “shoot a fa**ot in the back.” In recent years, veteran rappers like Jay Z have come out in support of gay marriage while young guns like A$AP Rocky claim they don’t care about what someone’s sexual preference is. Meanwhile, Drake drunk-dialing a girl might seem pathetic, but we’d still prefer that to Biggie making a “love song” in which he threatened: “You talk slick, I beat you right.” Rap still has a long way to go (we refuse to speculate about whether or not there’s ever going to be a true rap star who’s also openly gay), but things have certainly gotten better than they used to be.