When has sharing music been any easier than it is right now? There's no need to go out and buy blank tapes only to record someone else's purchased cassette or CD—there's no CD "burning" anymore. At one time, sharing music became a game of telephone where, the more times a song was shared, the progressively shittier the quality of the track became.

Now, it's all about posting the latest track on your personal blog or Tumblr, or even retweeting it to share with your friends. Plus, no one's even using Sharebeast or hosting sites that much anymore. With apps like Spotify, you can share tracks with friends on the app, and embed the codes on your blog right away. It's become that easy. Even old, nearly unheard tracks that are deep into YouTube can be converted within seconds to an MP3 file. Music sharing has never been better, which means more and more people have easy access to more music they're likely to enjoy.