Chicago's Death By Icon MC Vic, MC and producer Ant, and producer Dook—is on the come up. With an alternative edge on hip-hop and charismatic rhymes, Death By Icon made waves with their debut project Trybecca. Now, they're gearing up to release their project Hassah this summer and the first single, "Wake Up," gets an incredible self-edited and directed video.

"The video is about kids getting an idea of what cool is supposed to be according to TV," Death By Icon told Complex over email. "Because Saturday morning cartoons don’t exist anymore, kids wake up early, eat cereal and instead watch "cool" people do "cool" activities (clubbing, drugs, etc.). As the video progresses, the cool lifestyle starts to get wack as the kids watch, but fail to recognize that the quality of people start to look tackier (too much drugs, uglier, older, wrinkly, etc.)  The final portion of the video reveal the kids turning off their TVs and emulating this lifestyle in their own way (drinking, prostitution, etc.). ​"

You can grab the single on iTunes now or download it for free on SoundCloud now.