Kanye West has an incredible ability to match up all different kinds of artists to help make a song as great as possible. 'Ye's unique talent was most recently put on display for the song "FourFiveSeconds," which not only featured Rihanna and Paul McCartney, but also additional vocals from the band Wilson Phillips. Yes, that same Wilson Phillips that your mom loved in '90's.

In an interview with Billboard, Carnie Wilson talked about how the band originally linked with Kanye and what the experience was like in the studio. "He [Kanye] said, 'When I think of authenticity and I think of angelic, I think of you,'" Carnie remembered from the first session. Though the band's contributions on the song aren't major, 'Ye definitely left a lasting impression on the group that could possibly lead to more work together in the future. "I would love to see what he would have in mind because he thinks outside the box," says Wilson.

Now that would be fucking incredible. Check out the full interview here.