Label: Databass
Year: 2001

Why?: A footwork anthem by one of it's pioneers, even if you didn't realize it

We'd be surprised if you didn't know anything about "11-47-99." It was originally released by Detroit's Databass imprint, but credited to DJ Slugo. Hell, you might've just known it as a footwork song with Godzilla samples. RP Boo wrote the track for Slugo, but had no idea it was making noise. Could that be one of the reasons why it took him so long to start releasing his own material? Who knows. What it did do was lay the groundwork for Chicago's footwork scene, which has birthed the likes of the late DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Traxman, DJ Earl, and countless others. You know, the sound that's been receiving loads of love, with labels and producers in the UK, Japan, and all points in between launching their own takes on the sound? Yeah, you can tie them back to RP Boo's work, primarily this "Godzilla track."