Have you ever wondered how your favorite classic rap song was made? In Complex TV's Magnum Opus, these monumental records from our past are revisited. With in-depth interviews from the artists involved to first-hand accounts of respected rap peers and critics of the time, viewers get a blueprint of how the song was created, what impact it had, and how its legacy continues to live on. New episodes of Magnum Opus can be found exclusively on Complex TV.

Rick Ross has been able to successfully blend his gritty narrative from the streets with commercial appeal, as evidenced by five chart-topping albums and a slew of hit records, none more notable than his 2010 single, "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)." In Complex TV's new episode of Magnum Opus, the Carol City representative and key players behind its creation share the story of how the song came to fruition.

"B.M.F." was initially released on Ross' Albert Anastasia EP, and soon after would be chosen as the second single to promote his fourth studio album, Teflon Don. Its impact was immediately felt, as Rozay's longtime manager and childhood friend, Alex "Gucci Pucci" Bethune​, witnessed the reaction that took place whenever the song came on in a nightclub. ​"Like church in the club," he remembers. "You never see that amount of people saying hallelujah at the same time back to back every night."

For Ross, "B.M.F." symbolized something much more cerebral. "I just wanted it to be a representation of success from some young street niggas."

From the trap house vibe down to the props, video director Parris kept this aesthetic present in the accompanying visuals. "I just had this idea that he was sitting on this broken-down chair. It looked kind of regal, but it was broken," he says. "He was like a king, like he was sitting bossed up." The Styles P portion of the video was similarly memorable, featuring cameos from the likes of Puff Daddy, Fabolous, Jadakiss, and Sheek Louch living it up in the club.

Check out the full episode above, which also includes commentary from DJ Khaled, Chris Atlas, and Shaheem Reid, who discuss the impact of "B.M.F." and what it meant for Ross' still-blossoming career at the turn of a new decade.

Rick Ross' seventh studio album, Hood Billionaire, drops Nov. 24. The project is available for stream here and pre-order on iTunes.