According to TMZ, Waka Flocka was arrested this morning Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport when a loaded gun was discovered in one of his bags. Waka was going through security when the scan turned up the gun in his bag, which he didn't have a permit for, so he was then arrested and charged with "Carrying a Weapon in a Prohibited Place." Waka has since been transported to Clayton County jail where he now awaits an update on his status, according to the report. We will continue to update this story as more details are made available.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with one of Waka's reps earlier today. She claims that the gun in question isn't Waka's—it's his fiance's. Not only is the gun not Waka's, but the bag that they found the gun isn't either. According to her, Waka and his fiance are in the process of moving, and he mistakenly used one of her bags (which happened to have a loaded gun in it) while packing. The TSA shared a picture of the gun:


#TSACatch - This 5.7X28mm pistol was discovered in a carry-on bag today at the #Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (#ATL) International Airport. It was loaded with 29 rounds plus one in the chamber. This could have been legally packed in checked baggage. Learn more about traveling with firearms at

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Waka's since been released from jail—just in time to drop his "Lifestyle" (remix). 


[via TMZ]