The past six months have seen an extraordinary evolution with instrumental grime, as more and more producers throw out the mid-range stabs, swapping them for intricate melodies and thought-provoking soundscapes. It's hardly a surprising development; Midlands-born Murlo has long been at the forefront of the genre's more experimental moments and his forthcoming Into Mist EP is set to only bolster this reputation. 

On lead track "Vertigo", grime's calling cards—like the echoing metallic synths, the 8-bar structure, and so on—are still there for all to hear, but Murlo keeps things spacious without losing any of the urgency that courses through grime's veins. Equally, the spirit of grime is well-represented with Murlo restricting himself to only a handful of different elements, using each one sparingly and to maximum effect. Take a listen to it below ahead of the EP's release on November 3 via Rinse.