Last week we brought you the strange news of battle rapper Daylyt attempting to drop a deuce on stage in Phoenix. Now the (still decapitated) man has come out to explain himself in this interview with VladTV

Right off the bat he assures us that yes, he actually was trying to poop on stage. It wasn't just for show. Daylyt also says the staff didn't intervene at first because they were just going to let him "do what he do." 

Perhaps the staff knew he has a history of threatening to shit on stage. 

"Right when the turd was almost coming out they came and picked me up," Daylyt said. "They didn't let me finish my shit, man. And I'm actually very mad."

Eventually he gets to the heart of the issue: why he did it. Daylyt tells the story we've heard about the crowd booing him and him threatening to "boo boo" on stage if they continued, but he says it goes even deeper than that. The owner of the venue allegedly said, "This is why we don't allow you ni**ers in our facility" after he was kicked out. And Daylyt says he got racist vibes from the owner before the event even started. 

Let's be honest, it's hard to take this guy seriously. Especially when he said, "I don't know what gave them the right to put hands on me. There was nothing in the contract that said I can't poop." But if he's telling the truth at least he has a better explanation for his attempted public defecation than "the crowd was booing me."