Queens rapper Boogz Boogetz is gearing up to release C.O.O.L. 2 (Creating Our Own Lane) in November. He's already dropped a few joints off the upcoming project including "Overdose" featuring Smoke DZA​, "Live" featuring Fat Trel, and "Feel Right" featuring Black Cobain. Today, Boogz debuts another one with the video for "Intoxicated." Despite the fact that it's clearly the early afternoon, they make their way to the LES looking for what is believed to be the spot. All of Boogz's homies bail when they see there are no women, and Boogz heads into the decrepit building alone. What he finds inside is both predictable and absurd, but it's definitely what Boogz was looking for. 

Although the video is kind of silly at times, "Intoxicated" is one of Boogz's best tracks out of the recent batch he's released. It's got a soulful, stoner vibe that makes you want to sip on Henny slow.

Along with dropping C.O.O.L. 2 (Creating Our Own Lane) in November, Boogz Boogetz is working on a collaborative album with Prodigy titled Young Rollin Stonerz, which will be available for purchase November 25.