Beyonce and Jay Z's "On The Run" tour has been headline-grabbing for mostly the right reasons, so far: It's projected to be the second most successful tour ever, it got Beyonce to do the Shmoney dance, and it even has an HBO deal. So, despite all the divorce rumors swirling around the tour, it's been mostly positive vibes coming out of the show. Until now. The Pasadena Star-News is reporting that a man was arrested at Saturday's Rose Bowl edition of the tour for sexually assaulting a female fan and then, when confronted, biting the fingertip off of the woman's husband. 

Roberto Alcaraz-Garcia, a 25-year-old from San Diego, was arrested during the show on sexual battery and mayhem charges. Yes, mayhem is a real thing that involves permanent disfiguring of another person. He's suspected of groping the woman during the show, and when her boyfriend came up to him, a brawl started that ended with the boyfriend losing a chunk of his finger. Police did, in fact, catch Garcia and take him into custody on $100,000 bail. 

This wasn't even the only arrest made at the show; 10 others were charged on Saturday, including a whopping eight people for public drunkenness. That's at least a more harmless crime than the very serious allegations against Garcia. We're hoping this is the worst instance of jackassery during the rest of the On The Run tour so we can get back to speculating whether Beyonce's gonna split from Jay.