This week has been pretty hectic so it's time for me to turn down and I'm chilling out with this new track from Tru-Type. "Wine Teeth" is one of the first two tracks on his SoundCloud ever, so consider yourself a day one fan if you get into this like I have. To me, "Wine Teeth" is something like the musical manifestation of freshly varnished mahogany. You know it's from an era gone by and there was a ton of handiwork on this, but it's been updated and reconstructed into something fresh for 2014. Steaming with class and a refined jazziness, Tru-Type's "Wine Teeth" is just a piece of what makes up Budo Kiba collective that together brings a jazzy, loungey, chill, downtempo style of electronic music together to soundtrack all your soirees. The collective, while in it's relative infancy, is not short on talent and this track is a taste of that.