Here we go again. I just always feel so compelled to talk about the 100BPM stuff, don't I? As being a working DJ for so many years, one has to realize that as you maintain longevity, this becomes your money tempo. It works especially well at peak time because it's so easy to dance to. Sad thing is there's so much garbage music flooding this perfect tempo of music in 2014. That's kind of why I feel obligated to point out the good when given the ammo and opportunity. Chicago's Stratus, who's always had a flair for the rough and rugged, has dropped a bomb with "YO!." Definitely not for the faint of heart, this is probably one of the harder tunes you've heard in this realm. I can already guarantee that it can ignite a dance floor though as I've already tried this one out to rousing success. Big ups to Stratus for throwing something different that really works well into the hat here.

(Run The Trap)