If history repeats itself, any smart programmer should be working on SoundCloud's replacement. The platform slid into prominence as YouTube was removing millions of plays from notable acts that were caught fluffing plays.  Majors flagged and removed user content at a breakneck rate on YouTube, and this platform restricted U.S. users from viewing U.K. records.  In the past six months, we've seen fishy numbers on SoundCloud, Universal given full reign to delete records and flag accounts without SoundCloud's approval, and someone just gave us heads up that there is a new Basement Jaxx record that he can't listen to because it's not available in his country, the hat trick is now complete:


SoundCloud is continually upsetting their user base by trying to fix something that wasn't broken in an effort to monetize, and we care because the idea of this platform started off as a wholesome alternative to everything that sucked.  Sadly, it has quickly turned into that girlfriend that you're madly in love with that is showing signs of sleeping around, and while deep down you know everything is absolutely wrong, you don't want to say anything because she's the best thing you ever had.  Unfortunately, you will stick around until you realize that she's a whore.  I'm going to watch Cheaters after this.

The newest outrage though has been caused their new app, and a simple twitter search of "SoundCloud App" will show a barrage of hundreds of users begging to have their old app back, and though I've exaggerated a thing or two, you can feel free to take a peek for yourself.  With this update, users can't edit their profiles, access private songs, check notifications or activity, read track descriptions, record sounds, and skipping through tracks requires you to slide the waveform, which isn't exactly intuitive. The layout is otherwise smooth, actually, but the lack of functionality is apparent, and these Internets are speaking.  SoundCloud noticed and released a statement with a headline that reads "We Hear You," which is hilarious enough that you don't really need to take the time to read through the vanilla response that completely circumnavigates the lack of key features on this new app.  Or the crashes and bugs that we're seeing reported.  Or the wave of people asking that they have the option to change back to their old app.

Honestly, we're scratching our heads wondering how these embarrassing and sloppy moves are stacking up so quickly, why SoundCloud is intent on making giant changes to a platform that already worked really well, and who continues to have the bright idea to test shitty ideas on weekdays. We didn't forget that lazy Tuesday afternoon where we made popcorn and took screenshots as the entire industry screamed at flopped release dates because SoundCloud experienced hours of downtime, and it's probably because the industry was livid.  Someone should let them know that most labels still release records on Tuesdays.  

We're just shaking our head at this point, sadly waiting for someone to take the next step for us to follow, and ready for the next platform to step up to the plate.  We've been here before, we'll assuredly be here again, and we're used to braving these storms.  In the meantime, please bask in the glory of a blogger reaching the end of a SoundCloud feed, and the glitch that made everything that was uploaded yesterday show liked records as having negative likes.  All we can do at this point is keep track and cry.

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