Dutchman Sigward drops an instrumental electronic track that reminds me of the kind of stuff that people made in the '90s when there were less rules to electronic music because people just called it all "electronica." That was a funny time. Imagine, if you will, a section in the record store of CDs (record stores were once filled with them) and in that section you would find acts like Air, Chemical Brothers and Roni Size all together under "electronica." Anyway, I digress.

This exclusive track is to help promote the Tall Tales EP he has dropping July 14 with fellow Dutchman Oliver Sudden. Definitely worth checking out if you like more instrumental music inspired by krautrock and the like. Each track presents a new sonic journey for the aurally adventurous and offers rewards in their own way. This particular track is an outtake of the EP sessions and is a nice escape from the regular formulaic genres of electronic music we encounter on a daily basis.