Tens of millions of records sold. Glitz and glamour. Such was the life enjoyed by the No Limit Records roster during its prime. The late '90s saw a crew of rappers centered in the South hustling to overtake hip-hop without mercy, prospering like no one before them as they dominated national rap charts for years.

Aside from possessing enough gold and platinum plaques to fill multiple closets, No Limit's mastermind, Master P, and his ardent army further proved to the world what individuals could achieve through rap.    

No Limit had it all, from legendary album artwork to full-fledged icons. Snoop Dogg and Mystikal held down differing corners of the country, while Miller family members C-Murder and Silkk The Shocker retained listeners with menacing rhymes. And who could forget ancillary members like Mr. Serv-On, Mo B. Dick, and the late Soulja Slim? With so many characters seeing so much success, it's only natural to accumulate images that documented the label's rise.

Here are 25 Photos That Defined '90s No Limit Records.

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