While we all know that the sounds of juke and footwork kicked off in Chicago, we'd be playing ourselves if we said that the only juke and footwork movements were relegated to the Windy City. The explosion of these scenes has blanketed the globe with many pockets of sound, with juke and footwork crews springing up in the UK, Poland, Russia, and Japan, among other places. To help put it in perspective, we have to big up Osaka, Japan's Booty Tune imprint, who put together this ill map of the global footwork scene. It's actually made to look like a map, and highlights a number of pockets, from the obvious TEKLIFE crew in Chicago to the UK to the scenes throughout the United States and the globe. The above image is small, but we uploaded the full-resolution version HERE. Get your education on.

And for those of you who wanted a footwork history, check out this mix DJ Clent recently handed us. It's pretty Chicago-centric, but it jams.

(FACT, via FootworkJungle)