Talk about TGIF. For many, Drake's music is the soundtrack of a night of debauchery, from the boastful squad vibes of tracks like "Trophies" to the lonely 3AM vibes of something like "Marvin's Room." If you were in need of a soundtrack for YOUR night of debauchery, peep DJ Paypal's latest pack. We're talking 30 edits of Drake tracks... yes, you read that right. We're talking bouncy club edits of "Successful," "Worst Behavior," "Best I Ever Had," "Furthest Thing," and a bunch of other tracks. If the juke/jungle/club side of electronic music is your hype, you need this. Featured guests include DJ Taye, Ticklish, 333 Boyz, Nangdo, and DJ Mastercard. Your welcome in advance.