While most media outlets consider footwork culture synonymous with the fallen legend DJ Rashad and the TEKLIFE brand, a lot of that was due to Kode9 releasing Double Cup on Hyperdub, and Rashad bringing his squad to the table for this anthemic release. Though this release and its' success were completely warranted, you don't even need to peel layers away to see that there are countless others that have contributed to the influence and explosion of footwork, and Chicago's DJ Clent has a resume and a catalog that's absolutely mind-blowing.

I spent some time with Clent and saw him spin an unofficial Movement after party at a warehouse in Detroit, and he took the time to flex a collection of tunes that nobody will ever get their hands on or come close to compiling. He's since decided to unearth some of these underground classics and start a "History of Footwork" series, and the first volume runs through unreleased records from C-Bit, RP Boo, T-Rell, DJ Spinn, Rashad, and Clent himself. This was spun on vinyl and Serato, the subtle little hiccups and quick recovery gives an organic feel and lets us know this was truly a live mix, and this rapid-fire run sprints through nearly 60 tunes and lasts almost 80 minutes. We imagine this Do Androids Dance exclusive mix is the first of many, and you should feel free to spin or snag this one below while we wait for Volume 2.


01. RP Boo - Below Zero
02. DJ Rashad - Rock Tha Boat
03. DJ Clent - Baby Yeah
04. DJ Rahshad - Beat Them Hoes Down
05. RP Boo - Suicide
06. DJ Spinn - Muthafucka
07. DJ Clent - Footwork
08. DJ Clent - Project Clent
09. RP Boo - Drop Ghost Bang
10. Traxman - AP Joe
11. Traxman - Work Me
12. RP Boo - You Can't Break Me
13. DJ Clent - DJ Clent DJ Greedy 15 Years Old LOL
14. DJ Clent - 3rd World
15. DJ Spinn - Bout It
16. DJ Clent - Get Buk Lil Hoe
17. DJ T-Rell - Juke Dis Mutha
18. DJ Clent - Tha Tunnel
19. DJ Clent - Beatdown 99
20. DJ Clent - It's Hot
21. DJ Clent - Low Lyfe
22. DJ Clent - Do Da Shit
23. DJ Clent - Lyke It Raww ft. DJ Rashad
24. DJ T-Rell - Halloween
25. DJ Clent - Can't Be Free
26. DJ C-Bit - Way Way Out South
27. DJ Rashad - Gimmie Head ft. DJ Clent
28. DJ Spinn - Halloween
29. RP Boo - Battle In The Jungle
30. DJ Clent - Shake-a-Like
31. DJ Rahsad - Livin That Pac Lyfe
32. DJ Clent - Fuck 'Em Up
33. DJ Clent - Work Out
34. DJ Clent - State Way
35. DJ Rashad - PSR220
36. RP Boo - We Some Pimps
37. DJ Rashad - Gorilla On A Hoe
38. DJ Clent - Get DOwn Low
39. DJ PJ - Under Stress
40. DJ PJ - Work Dat Body
41. DJ Clent - You Dirtty Niggaz
42. DJ PJ - Chase Me
43. DJ Clent - Back Up Off Me
44. RP Boo - Back Up Off Me (Remix)
45. DJ Clent - Hard Work
46. DJ Clent - Back Seat Hoe
47. DJ Clent - Baldhead Scallywag
48. DJ Clent - Dance-A-Thon
49. DJ Clent - Glitch
50. DJ Clent - Imma Runna ft. DJ E-Dub
51. DJ Spinn - Get Buk Wit It
52. DJ Rashad - My Block ft. DJ Puncho
53. DJ Clent - What That Mouth Do
54. DJ Clent - Clent's CPU
55. DJ Clent - E-Dub Is Back
56. DJ Clent - Hotrod Get Buck