Thanks to the wonders of technology, instant gratification is now put at a premium. Anybody can download an album within seconds of its release and react just as quickly using social media. The side effect of this focus on the incredibly new is an increased distaste for anything that seems old. No one wants to be seen as behind the times, so we all collectively engage in a race to be the most up to date. In this competition to stay current, gems can be tossed aside because something came out that's not only hotter, but newer.

Despite this phenomenon, some of the biggest and best songs of 2014 didn’t even come out this year. Whether they were released in the waning moments of 2013 or simply took a while to catch on, some songs from 2013 have dominated airwaves in 2014. That's why it's frustrating for us when we make a list like The Best Songs of 2014 when we can't include one of the biggest songs of the summer (Chris Brown's "Loyal") because it actually came out last year. 

But it's not just Chris Brown, other superstars like Beyonce and Drake dropped bangers just as we flipped our calendars (and had already dropped out list of the Best Songs of 2013) while other songs from lesser known artists like Young Thug or Que bubbled below the surface before blowing up long after their initial release. So please, let's make things right and take a minute to appreciate 12 Songs From 2013 That Are Killing 2014

Written by Max Goldberg (@goopygold)

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