Chicago is one of those hubs for music that has a ridiculous amount of influence and an incredibly rich history, and they are a market that continues to release progressive records while somehow keeping the majority of the bangers largely under the radar.  For all of the negativity pushed by mainstream media in regards to this city, all we really care about is the overwhelming amount of solidarity and respect that the city's musicians seems to show each other, and the the results from the grind and vision of this city are nothing short of inspiring.

Enter Juke Ent., a brand that's pushing culture from the ground up, and who you may remember as heading the Juke World Order compilation that they enlisted HI$TO to push.  They're back with a tough remix of DJ Deeon's classic  juke banger "South Side," which has been flipped by Xcel & DJ Slugo to include hints of drill and ghetto house, and is effectively wrapped with original vocals from Supah.  You can stream or snag the render below, and can feel free to pop over to iTunes to get the "No DJ" version of this one on iTunes or by clicking the purchase link on SoundCloud.