London's Shox is set to drop his Drone EP on Trouble & Bass on July 15, and they've prepped a few things to celebrate. For those in the know, he's not only the head of Hundred2ONE Recordings, but this 27-year-old was a fan of UKG that turned this love into broadcasting on the radio, DJing, and getting work as a producer. He's previously releases material on Trouble & Bass, as well as Enchufada, Fat!, and Rinse, and this Drone EP highlights a darker-edged sounds of the house and bass scenes, with love already coming from Sinden, BTraits, Roska, Curses, and plenty of others. You can preview this three-track release, which includes a Sister remix of the title track, then get properly hyped with this mix that Shox cooked up. Hearing him drop Mickey Pearce's "Threatz (remix)" is an instant favorite of mine.

And for those of you stateside wondering when you can get a package of bass delivered directly to your face, Shox is actually hitting Verboten tonight *June 27) with the Trouble & Bass crew. In the Control Room, J. Phlip, Curses, Zombie Disco Squad, and Ardalan will be performing, while Trouble & Bass is bringing Shox alongside Star Eyes, Doctor Jeep, and some special guests. Tickets are still available; let this mix be your guide–then make sure you're out in Brooklyn tonight!