Boston's SevnthWonder has a bio that reads "Soundcloud's friendliest Tiger!" and the three word description is really all that's needed. He has been crafting his own signature style of danceable tunes with that '90s R&B feel that pulls in audiences new and old, and the smooth jazzy bass vibe that he struts in is pretty fucking amazing. His ability to put a subtle touch on a vibe that everyone else seems comfortable putting a club vibe on is refreshing, and everything he has his hands is is nothing short of innovative.  His latest is simply another flex of what he's already amazing at, keeping a mellow bounce while offering quick movements that seem to tease, and doing so while wrapping sexy bass music with soulful pop vocals.  "Just 4 U" is a Do Androids Dance exclusive that you can stream or snag below, but we highly suggest you take a quick minute follow the artist link in the description of this one while you're here, as nearly two dozen freebies are up for grabs on his personal SoundCloud page.

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