I have always hated school.  Not because I dislike learning or am intellectually incurious, but because I always ended up in the principal's office. I couldn’t sit still.  As you might imagine, that inability to sit still has made dancing kind of the perfect energy release.  Principal Dean is one principal I do like, though.  He’s impressed before with a stellar DAD mix and a funky release on Symbols just under a week ago (along with countless bootlegs and remixes).  Today we’ve got the jump on his latest, and once again proves why he is a Principal.  Taking on Rihanna’s "Cockiness," PD mixes a bit of deep house with that loungey funk flavor.  The vocal chops on this are super on point in that they’ll pull you in but never give you quite enough that you’d fully recognize RiRi’s voice if you heard this in the club—save for the mean breakdown in which Dean does let her voice breath before getting right back into the funk.  Grab this now.