Earlier this week I posted Noisia's "Oh Oh," mentioning that the Purpose EP will be available in a limited-edition 4x12" vinyl edition. Being the idiot I am, I wasn't even realizing what that meant: Purpose will be an eight-track release! The tracklist came over today, and aside from their track "Asteroids" with Prolix, this EP also features collaborations with Evol Intent and Phace. While I'm not sure that this being their first release in 2014 prompted such a stellar project, but it looks like this limited edition vinyl version will be the truth; there's no high-res art of it, but it definitely features a dope gatefold cover, with art designed by Noisia member Nik and the mighty Khomatech. You can catch a glimpse of it via Noisia's website, where you can also pre-order this badboy. Check out the full tracklist, and some audio of a few of the EP tracks down below.

Purpose Tracklist:

1. Oh Oh
2. Purpose ft. Phace
3. Running Blind
4. Shaking Hands
5. Asteroids ft. Prolix
6. Long Gone ft. Evol Intent
7. Stamp Out
8. Leopard Slug