If thinking Mapei has been a "thing" since last November's much favored single "Don't Wait" hit the market, savvier music fanatics will point back to her inclusion on Major Lazer's 2009 single "Mary Jane" from Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do as her first mainstream placement. That being said, it's intriguing to note with the release of her latest, the Magnus Lidehäll-produced single "Change," that her career has been highlighted by some incredible moments in tropical bass. "Mary Jane" is a trumpet-driven dancehall march, and likely one of the most unique productions of its era. "Don't Wait" is warm, smooth and so pop-friendly baile funk driven that it makes anyone who reached an indie-driven higher level of musical awareness in the past decade immediately feel ten years younger. Thus, "Change" being a marching band drum-led and minor-key synth buoyed moombahton anthem completes the trifecta.

Born in America to a Liberian mother, raised in Sweden, and a world traveler, Mapei's more than likely one of the best voices and personalities to-date fueling tropical bass' global rise in awareness and renown. With Hey Hey–her debut album–due out on September 23 via Downtown Records / Columbia UK, there should be considerable excitement to hear her forthcoming material.