Let’s clear something up: most of what you probably think is deep house is probably not all that deep. Just because it doesn’t have a rave feeling or a saw sine wave does not make deep house! Kerri Chandler and his MadTech Records have been delivering some of the finest deep house for quite some time. That said, limiting Kerri or his MadTech label to the “deep” is just that, limiting. The reality is they deliver some of funkiest and grooviest cuts of house period. So today we’ve got the premiere of a new remix out via MadTech courtesy of Celsius that we’re itching to share. Celsius has taken Let The Machines Do The Work and Jesse Boykins III’s collaboration “The Rain” and done their own work. While Dancing Astronaut called the original “a hypnotic and subdued club track,” this remix is neither of those things. This iis definitely still a deeper cut, but it quickly twists into a plucking funky-fingered jam that will have you bopping and getting silly quickly.