Souja Boy made his mark with Mr. Collipark with a string of poppy rap hits, and though he's released a flurry of singles and mixtapes in the past five years, nothing he's put his name on has received even a fraction of the buzz that "Crank That" and "Kiss Me Through The Phone" created. The last single of his to pop was "Pretty Boy Swag," which came out four years ago, and he's been completely absent from the Billboard charts since.

In an effort to splash into the dance music scene, Soulja Boy linked up with UK's Gold Top to collaborate on "Gold Like This," and the results are the definition of bland. Soulja's vocals are boring and land off beat and the record produced by this usually amazing UK musician sounds like every other trap record. This promising partnership failed in execution.

The irony here is that Collipark is in the middle of throwing elbows with collaborations with Meaux Green and D!RTY AUD!O, has a flurry of huge singles forthcoming, and we're wondering why these two aren't linking back up for a takeover.  "Gold Like This" also has comments on it likening the vocal process to Apashe and the synth work as a failed attempt to mirror Snails. Take a listen and see if you agree.