Of course you needed a new footwork mix for this gorgeous weekend. This is a part of Mixmag's "Live & Direct" series, where they "explore the relationship between DJs, the clubs they play at and the crowds that become immersed in their sets." This set is taken from DJ Spinn and Taso's recent tour, where they hit Serbia for the Mad In Belgrade party. If you head Taso's Lexdray set, you'll remember a number of these gems, but it's dope to hear Spinn on the mic, going super hype. You can hear the crowd in spots, and they seem to be eating all of this up. And make sure you check out the interview that went along with this; Spinn and Taso talk about linking up two years ago and how quickly a lot of the collabs they did with Rashad came into place. And of course, you need this mix. Don't play yourself.