With deadmau5’s new album while(1<2) dropping today, we decided to go through his catalog and pick 10 essential tunes we thought you needed to hear and/or be reminded of. The irony is that, despite the fact that deadmau5 claims his new album today is his first, in our eyes it’s anything but. Going through his catalog proved that point, as while there are many countless amazing tracks–and definitely more then the 10 here–it’s how these tracks work together and flow from one another in their specific contexts that truly show how beautiful they are and why they work. An analogy for life perhaps, deadmau5’s discography isn’t meant to be picked and parceled out into analytical bits, but to be experienced as a whole, spiritually engulfing and enriching experience. That of course though isn’t going to be enough for us androids as we’re trying to figure out if we even dance and if so, why. Here are 10 essential deadmau5 tunes.