Deep house this, electro big room that, where's the good old fresh dance music at? Well in the UK, dance music is not just a fad, but a primary cultural touchstone.  Dead Belly is looking to add their own touch to that with their new forthcoming EP on Sub Nation, Digression.  "Friction" brings cruchy breaks with chopped and spliced vocals percolate a bubbling low-end to make this new tune from Dead Belly, a tasty DoAndroidsDance exclusive you need for your crates.  Dead Belly is a new artist out of Birmingham, UK and brings together bits of that bassline sound that's currently taking over the U.S. (albeit with a new name and a bit twisted as "night bass") and also brings it in garage and house form.  With support from the likes of BBC Radio 2, A-Trak, Rudimental, and more, it probably won't be long before we're hearing a lot more like this from Dead Belly - in fact, get ready for a full four track EP dropping very soon - for now, enjoy the "friction."