While he's netted three Beatport #1 singles in 2014, it still feels like David Guetta's release front has been kind of quiet, so it makes sense that his new single is entitled "Blast Off." Sure, the in-your-face nature of the tune plays well off of the title, but Guetta has a lot going on that's blasting off at the same time.

First up is news that he's the only Ibiza DJ to hold to residencies this summer. Pacha Ibiza is getting his "FMIF" residency, which kicked off on May 29, and his David Guetta & Friends residency at Ushuaia kicks off on June 30. The Ushuaia residency is going to be a beast, as its a pool party that they're trying to have recreate most of Ibiza's "infamous clubbing spaces." Guetta is also all over Europe this summer, with headlining festival spots going down in Sweden, Germany, France, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, and other countries.

Onto the single, which features Kaz James (who will be playing alongside David at both of his Ibiza residencies) and is a certified heater for the dancefloor crowd. Containing a dirty guitar riff that dips quickly into a gnarly electro house stomper, "Blast Off" will get much burn over the upcoming summer season for sure. Check out a small preview below, and if you like, snatch it up when it drops on June 9.