Chromeo made headlines as they reportedly invested in a Canadian airline called Mallard Air earlier this month, but as it turns out, the company doesn't actually exist for anyone to invest in. While this was quickly uncovered as a marketing ploy used to announce their "Frequent Flyer" tour with Wave Racer, this Canadian duo are unwavering from this prank, and have followed that false announcement with a hilarious in-flight safety video that might have just won the internet today; if only it were real.

It's seemingly normal at first, then jumps into an absolutely hilarious montage that features the duo flying a plane, playing keyboard on a drink cart (obviously equipped with a mini disco ball), and singing into the life vest tube as if it were a talk box.  Stewardesses flaunt a half-empty bottle of vodka, and a couple sneaks into the bathroom, presumably to join the mile high club. The passengers are dancing under multi-colored lights, and there's even a funky original tune to match.  We're hoping someone can actually pull something this amazing off for real.