The fusion of electronic dance music and dancehall and rap is not for the faint of heart. If the terms "daggering," "twerking," and "whining" aren't part of your dancing terminology, then now is the time to get familiar. Cesqueax and JSTJR have been bringing the fusion of electronic dance music and dancehall vibes for a minute and we've loved every second of it but earlier this week, the two of them teamed up to produce a monster joint AND got the rap tings from Bunji Garlin, Jermaine Dupri, and Bow Wow. This is a track that truly takes these guys to another level if only because the names attached. But it's not only because the names attached, but because this tune is actually pretty damn big. It's instructive, call-and-response chorus is infectious and it's sound design and composition is varied enough from traditional pop flair yet not too daring that it'd scare off the close-minded. Cesqueaux and JSTJR can easily go ham on the production—they do it all the time—but to see them pull a bit back and do it like this shows that they're really focusing their game for a new level.