Is it really time for another Lido remix? Guess so, because today the Norwegian hypester has got another remix out. This time it's for Banks, the LA-based singer-songwriter you simply can't avoid on the internet these days. Again Lido brings his bombastic style in remix form and delivers something that'll get all kinds of people asking "HOW THE F DID HE DO THAT?" and "WHAT INSTRUMENT IS THAT?" The answer to the first question is I don't know and the second answer is that it involved a computer. Now will these string of remixes and his upcoming Pelican Fly EP position Lido for a whole new level of superstar electronic music breakout? Time will tell, but the level of output has been astonishing and the quality hasn't suffered - that's even more impressive. Lido is sure to have a crazy 2014 and career if he keeps going on the way he's going now.