The future bass and R&B crossbreed is one that it seems everyone is trying, and few are actually executing on. DC's own Royal has had some success with this. His newest takes a personal favorite of mine in Baby Bash's "Suga Suga" and twists it with a hypnotic, traptastic flavor. Now I don't know exactly what makes a re-fix instead of a bootleg, but either way i'm diggin this. It's a track that would have been awfully hard to screw up though and Royal doesn't do that. Rightfully and tastefully, Royal let's the original's intoxicatingly simply melodies breathe and flow through this and bubble to the point of straight vibes. Not sure what else Royal could have done to make this a dope "re-fix" and I love that he also did use the vocals - even if only a little bit. Grab this now and don't sleep.