Vancouver's Sleepy Tom has been around for a minute bubbling ever since he dropped his first EP on A-Trak's Fool's Gold Records, and has been semi-quietly killing the fun, party-flavored electro house circuit for a good year and change now. This week he comes back with a follow up and it's called Jobless.  Now instead of being all "sleepy" like you might think, Mr. Tom comes through with a high-powered hybrid mix of club bangers spanning breaks, house, Jersey club, acid, and pure POWER.

The EP, which is only two collaborative tracks, puts the Canadian on a path to take the scene by storm.  The title track, which features frequent collaborator Krusha, has a straight raved-out, face-ripping power, crushing it with some sinister low-end with crunchy Bmore breaks, and is exactly the kind of track someone who wants to stay "jobless" would make because it's unrelenting in it's mission to make you go to work on the dancefloor. The b-side, "Karaoke," is a collab with Juan Ton and ups the ante on the intense electro sound, but still remains incredibly fun and playful, which is closer to what we know ST for. Both tunes are instant club weapons highly recommended for the quick purchase and immediate rinse.