Earlier this week, this video got unleashed on the Internets, and I'm sitting here in awe at how much I'm enjoying it. I've seen plenty of drum & bass DJs spin live, have listened to tons of tracks in various stages of completion, and have seen acts like London Elektricity and KJ Sawka take live drum & bass instrumentation to new heights. Hell, I've seen DJ Krust perform live with a theremin-like instrument to create otherworldly soundscapes. This video? This is something different.

From the mind of KinetiX comes the "Robotic Drum Set and Analog Bass," which in the simplest terms is a robotic drum & bass set. I'll post the setup down below, but as you can see in the video (and in the title), he found a way to sync up this drum kit and the modulars and synths to create what London Elekctricity calls a "gnarly" dnb tune. If you love your drum & bass dark, this is right up your alley. You can even cop the track for $1 on Bandcamp, with proceeds will be going "towards a trip to London to present a paper about musical robotics at NIME 2014. Thank you very much for your support." With this and what Squarepusher is working on, could proper robots be the next electronic music wave?

Here is the setup:

"Modulars : Roland System 100m (sub bass), Roland System 700 (basses), Doepfer system (stabs and atmospheric sound).

Other Synths : Yamaha CS-10 (more basses), Studio Electronics Omega 8 (chords and atmospheric sound), Korg Monotron Duo (more basses)."