At this point, Internet-adoring rap and EDM fanatics probably should collectively just ask Mad Decent to never actually release rapper RiFF RaFF's debut album NEON iCON. The underground beloved rapper's evolution now owes as much of his success to his mythology as he does his vocal performances, and the idea of NEON iCON actually existing might just ruin everyone's fun. Announced in 2013 and still caught in limbo, Mad Decent recently released a tracklist for the album and cover art, and gave a tentative release date of June 24. Listed among the album's tracks exclusive only to the physical pre-order (but not on other distributed copies of NEON iCON) is the DJA-produced on "2 GiRLS 1 PiPE," which, if you know anything about DJA at his core, enjoyably sounds like the soundtrack to the film Halloween met up with an MPC at the house of Three Six Mafia producer DJ Paul.

Similarly available only as a part of the physical pre-order is "TROPiCAL VACATiON," which could be the coolest track you've ever heard. You've got a dancehall-flavored club beat on the background produced by Beau Billionare and Anne Yvette that is absolutely incredible. And RiFF? He's singing. No, really. And it's actually quite perfect on this instrumental. Like to the point that we've pressed repeat on it about 10 times already. "TROPiCAL VACATiON" feels just like the title. It's tracks like this that make us think that NEON iCON will truly have the summer on smash.

A now well established theory, method and execution of two parts sex and drug rap absurdity and one part unassailable rap world legitimacy exist in the conceptual idea of who and what RiFF RaFF is. As long as EDM and trap are going to be bedfellows, these songs are more like anthems and fit somewhere just after the drop, a stylistic co-sign from hip-hop culture keeping the rave surreal as ever before. You can own both of them now if you head over to and pre-order NEON iCON.