Most people use Instagram to post pictures of what they ate for lunch, their cats, and selfies. But not @OnlyHipHopFacts. Just like its awesome Twitter, which posts nothing but facts about rappers, its Instagram posts nothing but pictures related to hip-hop. And as connoisseurs of randomly awesome and throwback hip-hop photos, even we have to admit we're impressed with what @OnlyHipHopFacts has to offer. Where did it get a picture of Biggie, Puffy, and Snoop chilling together? And wait, was Joey Bada$$ really the prom king? And sorry, but we're kind of amazed by every photo of Eminem and Kanye West its posted (and its posted a lot). So we teamed up with @OnlyHipHopFacts once again to bring you, 50 Rare Pictures of Rappers You've (Probably) Never Seen

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RELATED: 50 Awesome Throwback Pictures of Rappers You've (Probably) Never Seen